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  • Soft Tubing is a very popular solution for connecting everything in the loop as it is easy to work with and we recommend it if you are a beginner. ... Every tube is marked with two numbers, where the smaller number presents the inner diameter or ID and the larger number presents the outer diameter or OD
  • Soft tubing is flexible and easier to install but is more difficult to shape and create clean looking systems, while harder tubing is more difficult to get right but can lead to some seriously beautiful results.
  • The soft tubing material: Because they are so lightweight, PVC pipes are more prone to cracking when they are dropped or stepped on. Compared with other types of plumbing pipes, such as copper, PVC pipes are more susceptible to cracking during an earthquake.
  • The Dracaena soft tubing has many benefits from its own PVC materials such as Corrosion Resistance, Chemical Resistance, Quicker Installation time, Smooth bore that allows high flow rates for water transfer, leak-free joints and long service life. 


- Material: PVC - abrasion resistance, lightweight, good mechanical strength and toughness
- Specification: inner diameter 10mm* outer diameter 13mm or  inner diameter 10mm* outer diameter 16mm 
- Color: transparent/black and green 
- Length: 100cm 
- Weight: 0.15kg - offers a tremendous weight advantage over alternative piping materials.

greenDRACAENA 1 meter PVC pipe soft tube for computer water cooling systems

$19.99 Regular Price
$16.99Sale Price
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