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  • What cpu types does this fit - intel or amd am4?
    It comes with brackets for both Intel and AMD
  • Does it fit LGA 1700?
    Yes, it fits LGA1700
  • Does it come with thermal paste?
    Yes, it comes with thermal paste
  • How many size do you have for hard tubing compression?
    We offer 3 different lenght for hard tubing compresstion which are 12MM, 14MM, and 16MM. Especially, the 14MM hard tubing compression have 2 different designs.
  • What is the different between 3 way ball fitting and 4 way ball fitting?
    Depends on your demands, 3 way ball fitting will provide 3 outlets for your water flow, while 4 way ball fiting you will have 4 different outlets.
  • What is the size of normal water reservoir?
    Depends of the amount of water. We offer a wide range of size from 10mm upto 35mm. This will match to any of your needs.
  • Will sata/molex be able to provide the same power a pcie 16x slot would? do gpu power limits need to be lowered when using these risers?
    PCIe standard is 75watts. The power supply is 12v. Molex connector can run 6-10amps depending on wire gauge. It can reach 75watts if you have correct Molex wires. Sata connector is 1.5amps per contact (3 contacts per connector) = 4.5amps, so max is 54watts.
  • Is it safe to plug sata or molex directly to the riser than the usual 6-pin to sata?
    if power's connected directly, no need to use the 6pin to sata cable, which should be safer.
  • What makes these better than the Febsmart risers?
    Febsmart only has one PCIe 6 pin power connector. This one has 3 options on the board itself : PCIe 6pin, sata, and molex
  • Could I use this to game on pc because my graphic's card does not fit in my motherboard ?
    Sorry, the Dracaena Riser is not able to use for game on PC.
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