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greenDRACAENA was founded in 2020, and we have accomplished so much over the years. To create a world where customers can find high quality water cooling solutions and computer accessories has always been our goal.​

With enormous knowledge about computers, the CPU water cooling market, and so on greenDRACAENA offers various compression fittings such as hard tubing compression fitting, soft tubing compression fitting, ball fitting as well as extender rotary and water reservoir. Our whole package can ensure your CPU is always being cool and in the best condition. 


Our newest model of AIO CPU cooling system will definitely satisfy your needs. With a more efficient cold plate, spraying copper bottom, proprietary pump and fans optimized for static pressure to ensure the excellent heat transfer from cpu, our AIO CPU cooling system has become Amazon's choice for a long period of time. 


We have thousands of orders and customers in many different countries such as the US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Japan and many more. With thoughtful design, our main goal is to provide high quality products at a reasonable price. Our customer service team is always available for any of your questions, request. Our company core value is always bring the best customer experience for our customers


From the survey of customer feedback, we are proud to have received more than 90% of satisfied customers who stated the products were in good condition, fit perfectly and so on.

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