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  • Extreme Cooling Performance: Experience exceptional cooling performance with a 28mm/11-inch liquid radiator designed for high-airflow and low-noise fans. Keep your system running smoothly and efficiently, even during the most ambitious custom Liquid Cooling builds.
  • Durable Construction: Engineered with copper fins and a brass water chamber, this radiator is built to last, ensuring both durability and strength without adding unnecessary weight to your setup.
  • Optimized Heat Transfer: Achieve maximum heat dissipation at all airflow levels. Our radiator is meticulously optimized to efficiently draw heat away from your cycling coolant, maintaining CPU stability and smoothness.
  • Thermal Efficiency: The 240mm radiator features black oxidation paint, enhancing both aesthetics and thermal efficiency.
  • Custom Liquid Cooling: Perfect for ambitious builds, with 14 tube mounts for a professional, high-performance cooling solution.

greenDRACAENA 240mm Computer Radiator, G1/4 Thread, 28mm/1.1" Copper Radiator

$65.79 Regular Price
$56.99Sale Price
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