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  • Versatile Tubing Compatibility: Accommodates solid tubing with various outer diameters (12mm OD, 14mm OD, 16mm OD), including Acrylic, Copper, Brass, and Stainless Steel tubes.
  • Effortless Installation: Utilizes G1/4" BSP thread and a 4.7mm male thread length, ensuring easy and secure installation without the need for specialized tools or skills.
  • Optimal Dimensions and Height: Outer diameter of the fitting ranges from 21.98mm to 24.12mm, providing a secure and snug fit for different tube sizes, while the installed height is 12.7mm. Outer diameter of a fitting: 12mm OD(21.98mm)- 14mm OD(21.98mm) - 16mmOD (24.12mm)
  • Enhanced Structural Integrity: Features a sturdy construction with multiple O-rings for added stability, maintaining airtight connections and accommodating higher pressures and potential disassembly for maintenance.
  • Diverse Applications: Designed specifically for use with solid tubing, offering a reliable and versatile compression fitting solution for computer water cooling systems, ensuring efficient and leak-free performance.

greenDRACAENA G1/4" Hard Tubing Compression Fitting with Rings

$12.99 Regular Price
$10.99Sale Price
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