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  • The pump in your water cooling loop is what makes it possible to move heat from your PC's components to the radiator, where it's moved to the outside air. Without coolant flow a water cooling system doesn't work. At the radiator, the water is pushed through a network of even narrower channels, which are cooled by having air blown over them by a fan. ... The water then flows back to the reservoir and begins its journey again
  • Advantages of water cooling pump: A water cooling kit will reduce the need to use more than one fan in your PC case. The self-contained loop of water cools quietly, so you don’t have to worry about loud fans breaking your focus while fighting that last big boss in your favorite game.
  • Pump Specification:  

- Rate of flow: 800L/hour
- Head of delivery:  3.5 meter
- Current rating: 0.7A
- Voltage: DC12V-13.5V
- Rated power: 7W
- Weight: 370g
- Speed: 3000-5000RPM
- Terminal: 4D+4pin
- Operating temperature:55 degrees hightest
- The motor type: Brushless, microprocessor control
- Support PWM
- Support RGB remote control
 - Water Tank Specification: 
- Outer Diameter:50mm
- Inner Diameter: 40mm 
- Length: 54mm
- Material: Top - POM      Body - Acrylic

greenDRACAENA High flow 12V DC Water Pump

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$49.99 一般價格
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