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  • The Dracaena Extender fittings provide a complete water cooling solution for enthusiast and custom PC builders. Finished in black-plated copper, the G1/4 male to male extender fitting includes two quality O-rings. The fittings provide a complete solution for DIY enthusiasts and PC builders by giving users ideal mounting, fitting and flow.

  • Made in China, the fittings allow proper connection to G1/4” ports, securing properly to cooling components while providing an even seal around the tubing. The fittings are available in chrome and black finishes, including two preinstalled O-ring.

  • Specification:

- Material: Brass

- Hidden thicker O-ring design

- Dental regulations: G1 / 4 (common international regulatory teeth)

- Body size:Φ18mm*15mm  

greenDRACAENA G1/4" Male to Male Mini Extender Fitting

$7.49 一般價格
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