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  • A ball valve is a shut off valve that controls the flow of a liquid or gas by means of a rotary ball having a bore. By rotating the ball a quarter turn (90 degrees) around its axis, the medium can flow through or is blocked.

  • greenDracaena -threaded valves consist of the housing, seats, ball and lever for ball rotation. They include valves with two, three and four ports which can be female or male threaded or a combination of those. Threaded valves are most common and come in many varieties: with approvals for specific media or applications, mini ball valves, angled ball valves, ISO-top ball valves, with an integrated strainer or a bleed point and the list goes on. We offer 2 options of color with a large operating range for pressure and temperature.

  • Specification:

- Materials: Brass body + Aluminium Handle

- Dental regulations: G1 / 4 (common international regulatory teeth)

- Body Size: 37.2mm*22.8mm*41.1mm

- Net Weight:76g


DRACAENA G1/4'' Female Thread Copper Ball Valve

$9.99 一般價格
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