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Dracaena 360mm radiator is a high-performance 360mm slim copper radiator with a high-density copper fin design and brass tank. Built for 360mm high-static pressure fans, the copper radiator is manufactured from premium-quality materials that provide exceptional performance, unrivalled reliability. The unique stainless steel side panels ensure durability as well as reduce the weight of the external radiator. Integrated G1/4" threads make it easy to install, while rigid connections ensure leak-resistant measures are in place. With an ideal mounting, fitting, and flow set-up, the 360mm Radiator meets your cooling needs in every way. Features: Optimized Heat Dispatching: The water cooling radiator is optimized for efficiently pulling heat away from the power-dissipating components thus achieving maximum heat dissipation at both low and high airflow operation. After soldering, the fin and tube connect to form a joint, thereby creating uniform heat transfer. Liquid radiator's main function is to cool down the liquid flowing inside the loop. As the liquid flows through the copper tubing, the cpu radiator fins absorb the heat from the water, then the fins are cooled by the fans attached to the liquid radiator. High-Quality Manufacturing Process: Reflow Soldering: An exceptional manufacturing process using high-temperature soldering at 482℉/250℃ sets the black radiator in a class of its own. This technique allows for impurities to be kept out of the soldering process, ensuring that full strength on all the connected areas is achieved. The water-cooled radiator is baked through a controlled atmosphere soldering line. The materials melt into each other to accomplish optimal thermal transfer from the tubes to the actual fins in order to attain better heat evacuation.


greenDRACAENA 64mm/2.51" Thick Computer Radiator, Dual G1/4 Thread

$137.99 一般價格
    • A 360mm fan mounts on either side of the radiator are ready for your most ambitious custom liquid cooling build.
    • The radiator thickness of 64mm/2.51" delivers extreme cooling performance with high-airflow and low-noise fans.
    • Material: Engineered with copper fin and brass water chamber that increases the durability and strength of the radiator while reducing the weight
    • Optimized Heat Transfer: Optimized for efficiently pulling heat away from cycling coolant thus achieving maximum heat dissipation at both low and high airflow operation
    • Using the black oxidation paint to increase the thermal efficiency
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